Every competitor makes a commitment to respect this regulation. Any registration in this competition requires respect for the present regulation.

Article 1. Acceptance of the General Conditions of Sale

The purpose of the present general conditions of sale and competition regulations is to define the conditions concerning all requests for registration in Triathlon Natureman, Verdon Oxygène Organization.

By his registration in the Natureman Triathlon, the athlete agrees to accept the present conditions for participation, the organizer’s competition rules, as well as the sport regulations of the French Federation of Triathlon: Réglementation sportive du triathlon (http://www.fftri.com/reglementation-sportive-0)

All the information given by the contestant and the confirmation of registration, give proof of this transaction. The confirmation is worth signature and acceptance of completed action.

The organizer, Verdon Oxygène, is obligated to communicate the confirmation of registration by email.

The present general conditions of participation in the Natureman Triathlon are subject to French law.

Article 2. Modification of General Conditions of Sale

The organizer Verdon Oxygène reserves the right to adapt or modify the present conditions at any time.

In case of modification, the most up-to-date general conditions of sale will be applied to each request for registration.

Article 3. Registration in LONG DISTANCE L, NATUR'M

It is possible to register either as individual or by relay team of 2 or 3 people on the Triathlon M.

Triathlon Natureman is exclusively reserved for individual participants.

Registration in the TRIATHLON M, TRIATHLON NATUREMAN is done only by completing the official on-line registration form on the site: www.natureman-var.fr No other form of transmission or registration will be accepted for these competitions.

The registration will become effective only after full payment of fees and by the publication by the organizer of the participant’s name on the list of competitors. There is no possibility of cancellation for TRIATHLON M and TRIATHLON M RELAY.

A maximum number of participants has been established for each event. When the maximum number is attained, all new requests for registration will be refused, although it may be possible to be placed on a waiting list.

Registration will be closed September 28, 2020 subject to spaces available.

Supporting documents: license, medical certificate of non-contraindication for competitive triathlon, must be presented on the day of distribution of bib numbers.

The supporting documents for PASS Journée and the parental authorization must be presented for distribution of bib numbers.

In case they are not presented or if they are not acceptable, no number will be assigned, and no refund given.

In addition, the organizer reserves the possibility to refuse registration of anyone for legitimate reasons (doping or suspicion of doping) In the case of refused registration all demands for damages, other than reimbursement of registration fees, are excluded.

The organizer reserves the right to disqualify a participant and/or exclude him from the event if this person has intentionally communicated misinformation at the time of registration; or if he is suspended or banned (totally or temporarily) by the National or Regional Commission of Discipline, and/or by the Commission of « Lutte contre le Dopage »(Anti-doping commission), or by a federation or jury or when there are serious indicators that the person has committed a crime.

Each entry is strictly personal and private. Each registration is subject to a bib number which is strictly personal and non-transferable to a third party. Any transfer of number to another person is forbidden. Any infraction of this rule will disqualify the participant.

Participation in the event is dependent on the presentation of a valid license « competition » level from the French Triathlon Federation (or foreign Triathlon federation) or a medical certificate specifying the absence of any contraindications to competitive triathlon.

The non-licensed participant must acquire, in addition to registration fees, a PASS Competition, delivered by the French Triathlon Federation and available where bib numbers are distributed.

This document requires presentation of a medical certificate, dated less than one year and stating no contraindications to competitive triathlon.

For participation in Relay teams:

Any participant without a current FFTRI « competition » license or without a current license from a foreign Triathlon Federation affiliated with ITU, must acquire a PASS Competition in addition to the registration for each non-licensed participant.

The relayers licensed with the FFN federation for swimming, the FFC for cycling and the FFA for running are exempt from the PASS.

Article 4. Distribution of bib numbers

Each participant must personally pick up his number during the scheduled time. For TRIATHLON M no later than 1 hour before the event, for the NATUREMAN the day before the event.

The bibs for the Relay teams can be picked up by one member of the team on condition that he presents the necessary documents for each member of the team.

In compliance with the Federal General Regulation, the number of a licensed FFTRI member may be picked up:

By the athlete himself

Or by another athlete from the same team on presentation of licenses and identification documents.

Article 5. Bib number

Distribution of bib numbers is done at the organizer’s discretion. It is only the responsibility of the organizer and in no way is it possible to modify the bib number.

Article 6. Payment by bank card

Payment is possible by bank card only (VISA, MASTERCARD). Debit is immediate at the time of registration.

Article 7. Absence of withdrawal period

Since the service provided is a leisure service on a specified date, the buyer does not benefit from the withdrawal period.

Article 8. Cancellation, Reimbursement insurance

All registration is final and definitive. In case of cancellation or non-participation in the event, the participant cannot claim a reimbursement of registration fees, nor a report for the next edition of the Natureman.

All cancellations of registration are subject to the conditions of the organizer noted on the registration form. (Cancellation insurance on condition for NATUREMAN only) The registration for TRIATHLON M and RELAY are final and definitive.

In any case, total reimbursement of registration fees is possible only if the event is cancelled because of fault by the organizer.

Article 9. Cancellation of the event independent of the Organizer’s will

In case of cancellation of the event independent of the will of the Organizer, (natural disaster, security risks, weather conditions, decision of administrative authorities, etc.) no reimbursements will be done and the participant will not be able to claim payment of damages from the Organizer.

Article 10. Limited responsibility of Organizer

Responsibility of the Organizer for eventual material and / or commercial damages is excluded. This limitation does not apply when the damage was caused by an intentional fault or serious negligence by the Organizer or a breach of contract or in case of risk of life, health or bodily harm to a person. The limitation of responsibility described above, extends of course to the civil and personal liability of employees, agents, and other third parties the Organizer uses in the scope of the event and with whom he has a contract.

The Organizer declines all responsibility for the health risks incurred by the participant in the event. The participant declares having a perfect knowledge of the fact that his participation in the event could bring serious health risks, even death. In addition, he declares that no doctor or equally competent person has advised him to not participate in the event.

The participant is the one responsible for his personal effects and sports equipment.

The participant declares that he understands the fact that he could encounter vehicles and/or pedestrians on the course and that he accepts the risks linked to these circumstances due to his participation in the event, including running, cycling and swimming. In addition, the participant is cognizant of the fact that there exist the following risks due to his participation in this event, understanding that they are not limited to this list: risk of falls, of collision with vehicles, pedestrians, other participants and/or objects: risks due to the condition of the road, technical incidents, or equipment failure; insufficient protective gear, risks and dangers caused by spectators, volunteers or bad weather. The participant commits to familiarize himself with the race course and transition areas before the event. Participation in the event can be taken as acceptance of the course and transitions areas as they have been assigned.

The participant commits to immediately inform the organizer of any danger he might be aware of concerning the race course and / or the transition areas.

The participant declares understanding the risks linked to the consumption of alcohol

before, during or after the event. The participant is the sole responsible for all the consequences that could result from consumption of such substances.

The participant agrees to receive care and medical treatment if necessary during the competition. The costs of care and medical treatment are not included in the registration fees and so will be billed at the usual tariff for the services provided. The organizer does not offer an insurance covering these medical expenses—it is the responsibility of the participant to contract the necessary insurance. All responsibility of the organizer in this regard is excluded.

The organizer declines all responsibility concerning the loss or theft of objects belonging to the participant. In addition the organizer declines all responsibility for the loss or theft of objects belonging to the participant that he has left in the care of a third party, mandated by the organizer, being understood that the organizer remains responsible for any eventual serious misconduct committed in the choice of this third party.

Article 11: Conditions for registration of minors

For all requests of registration of minors:

--the form for online registration must be completed by the legal representative

--The acceptance of the general conditions of sale must be done by the legal representative

Parental authorization must be completed and signed by the legal representative

If the minor does not have a current valid FFTRI competition license, the PASS Competition should be completed and signed by the legal representative.

Article 12: Conditions for validation of registration got NATUREMAN VAR Triathlon

For the individual races:

--payment in full

--attach the necessary documents (valid license or medical certificate dated less than one year, stating no contraindications to the practice of triathlon competition) and presentation of these when picking up bib numbers

--give either the parental authorization and/or the completed PASS competition at the time of distribution of bib numbers.

In case the required documents are not presented or if the documents are inadequate, no number or reimbursement will be given.

For relay races:

--payment in full

--attach necessary documents for the entire relay team (valid license or medical certificate less than one year and stating there is no contraindication to the practice of triathlon competition) and present them when picking up bib numbers

--give either the parental authorization and/or the completed PASS competition at the time of distribution of bib numbers.

In case the required documents are not presented or if the documents are inadequate, no number or reimbursement will be given.

Article 13: Waiting list

A waiting list will be put in place to register and attribute numbers in chronological order

Article 14: List of supporting documents

To attach to online registration:

For holders of a FFTRI “Competition” license: your license clearly legible

For holders of a valid license from a foreign triathlon federation affiliated with the ITU: your original license, clearly legible showing the name of your federation

For the non-licensed: a medical certificate of non-contraindication to triathlon in competition and dated less than a year from the date of event

For the races in relay:

Presentation of a FFN license for the swim, FFC for the bike, FFA for the run, can be substituted by a medical certificate.

The medical certificate (for the non-licensed) is a certificate of non-contraindication to the practice of the concerned sport in competition (swimming, cycling or running) and dated less than a year from the date of event

To present when numbers are distributed.

For the non-licensed and/or minors:

The PASS Competition completed and signed (by the legal representative if minor) and a parental authorization for minors.

In all cases, a proof of identity is necessary.

Article 15


The organizer of Triathlon NATUREMAN does not take responsibility for any damage to material that could occur to participant’s bikes whether they are licensed or not with the French Federation of Triathlon



All those who bought the Day Pass are informed:

--that they benefit, during this event, of guarantees provided in the civil liabilities insurance contract subscribed to by the FFTRI and through Allianz.

--that the Day Pass does not include any personal insurance

--that it may be in his interest to subscribe with the insurance company of his choice,

to a personal insurance plan covering any physical damage that his sport activity could cause

--that his bike does not benefit from any insurance coverage. The material damage that could occur to his bike or that of others, is not covered by the federal civil liabilities insurance.

--that the damage another could do to his bike is not covered by the federal civil liabilities insurance

FFTRI licensees:

In accordance with the insurance information notice that was given to you when you took your license, the organizer

--Calls your attention to the interest in subscribing to an insurance covering any physical injury that could occur while practicing your sport

--reminds you that you have the possibility to subscribe to the guarantees “Bodily injury” an optional complement allowing you to reinforce the guarantees of the basic contract

--reminds you of the possibility to subscribe to optional guarantees “Damage to bike”

In fact, damage to bikes is not guaranteed nor the Civil Liabilities when there is a collision between athletes.

Licensees of a foreign triathlon federation affiliated with ITU

When a foreign athlete holding an FFTRI license or a license recognized by the ITU, is injured in France during an event organized or supervised by the FFTRI, MONDIAL ASSISTANCE can pay the medical expenses directly so as to avoid advancing funds from the FFTRI, Regional Leagues, Departmental Committees, Clubs, Associations, and establishments associated with the beneficiary. No check as guarantee will be asked for by MONDIAL ASSISTANCE who will bill ALLIANZ directly. The total medical expenses paid to hospital organizations will not go above the limit established in the federal contract.

Article 16: Transfer of image rights

By accepting the present conditions of sale, each participant authorizes the organizer of Triathlon NATUREMAN as well as those having rights such as: partners and media; to publish, use, reproduce or have reproduced, for free, his name, his image (photograph or video) his voice ( interviews, video) and his sport results within the framework of the competition for any direct exploitation derived from the event and on any support where he could appear due to his participation in Triathlon NATUREMAN : video, CD, DVD, radio, television, podcasts,

webcast, on live (Internet) recordings, film, advertising and advertising materials including promotional documents around the world and for an unlimited time.

The audiovisual rights relative to the competition belong exclusively to the organizer. In signing the registration form the participant (or his representative if he is a minor) authorizes Verdon Oxygène (organizer of Natureman) to diffuse his name, his picture, his voice, his race performance during the Natureman triathlon and/or Ekiden L’Occitane, in anticipation of all direct exploitation or derivative of the event and in all mediums known or unknown today.

Article 17: Protection of data

The information gathered is necessary for your registration and for the management of services

(option individual organization of medical care, cancellations …) that you would have eventually chosen to acquire. The information is processed and given to the secretary of the organization. By registering, the participant accepts and authorizes the collection and treatment of his personal information for the above-mentioned purpose.

The personal data collected could be transmitted to third party services responsible for timekeeping, establishment of and internet publication of final results list. By registering the participant accepts and authorizes the transmission of this personal character data for the above-mentioned purpose.

For elaboration of the list of participants and the list of finishers, the following information will be collected and treated for each participant: last name, first name, birthdate, sex, name of club, bib number, and results (placement and time) These lists will be published on all supports of the manifestation. (either printed or on internet) By registering, the participant agrees and accepts the collection and use of his information for this purpose.

The personal data collected in compliance with article 8-1 could be communicated to service providers responsible for photographing participants in order to allow them to send photos to participants. By his registration the participant accepts and authorizes the transmission of this information for the above-mentioned purpose.

In compliance with the law “information technology and freedom” of January 6, 1978 modified in 2004 you benefit to a right to access and rectify information concerning you by mail to:

inscrits@natureman-var.fr indicating your last name, first name, address, and the email address you used when registering.

Article 18. Litigation

In case of litigation the French version of General Conditions of Sale will prevail.

The Tribunal of Toulon will be the only court of competent jurisdiction.

Article 19. Non-restitution of the timing chip

In case of non-restitution of the timing chip for whatever reason, the athlete concerned will be billed 15€.

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